Mini Makerthon

A week long series of workshops to teach kids to make awesome stuff in Manchester from 25th to 29th of August 2014

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What is it?

The Mini Makerthon is a week long series of workshops to teach kids to make awesome stuff using digital manufacturing techniques with machinery including 3d printers, lasercutters and CNC machines. Plus learn to code using microcontrollers like Arduinos or Raspberry Pis.


The age range for the event is 12-17. If you want to help out as a volunteer, you need to be 17+.
The workshop is the brainchild of @minigirlgeek. She is assisted by a team of volunteers from across the UK and a number of sponsors to help make the event happen.


The workshops will be running at Bolton Science centre, Manchester. Map


The workshops will run for 5 days starting on Monday 25th August till Friday 29th August 2014. On the Saturday (30th August) we plan to run a Mini Maker Faire (more details on this later).


We believe kids don't get enough of an opportunity to be creators instead of consumers. We believe every kid should get the opportunity to try out being a Maker
. A Maker is someone who simply enjoys creating their own inventions, software, art to help improve their own or someone else's life. It is all about learning through doing.

The rough plan for the week is that students create a number of mini projects over the first 1-2 days, learning how to use the machinery and equipment in the process. They then form small groups and specialise, taking additional mini workshops in specific areas of their choice. They spend the last 2 days developing an invention or idea they have had into a fully working prototype with help from the expert and industry mentors.
 Finally on the Saturday they are encouraged to take part in a Mini Maker Faire specifically designed for under 18s. The Mini Maker Faire will be a public event and any under 18 can show off their work at it.

How can I get involved?

If you want to get involved with helping at the event, please fill in this form. Please note all volunteers must have up to date DBS checks.

I want to attend!

We will be releasing details of how you can sign up closer to the event.

I have a question or want to help sponsor the event!

Feel free to drop us an email at miniminimaker at gmail dot com